DJ Moore: QB battle boosts competitiveness everywhere

Panthers head coach Matt Rhule said on Monday that he thinks having a quarterback competition at training camp this summer will be “really good for our team” because it will emphasize the need to compete for your spot on the roster.

Rhule’s opinion appears to have some support inside the team’s locker room. Wide receiver DJ Moore shared a similar view Tuesday of how the battle between Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield will impact the rest of the roster.

“It boosts everybody’s competitiveness,” Moore said, via the team’s website. “Every group is going to see the competition at the main spot, so all the competition is going to step up.”

The Panthers haven’t had a winning season since 2017, so it’s worth trying anything that could jolt them out of that rut and back onto the right side of a .500 record. If this summer’s competition doesn’t do the trick, the changes in Carolina may be even bigger before the 2023 season.